Pumpkins After Dark in Calgary Alberta Canada


Visit an award winning Halloween event in Calgary Alberta Canada. 

Guide to visiting Pumpkins After Dark in Calgary Alberta.

Pumpkins After Dark in Calgary Alberta Canada is a spooky, fun, family friendly affair. And it just so happens to be Canadas largest Halloween event! There are various locations across Canada, including nearby Edmonton.  This Halloween event takes place at Winsport Park. More than 10,000 pumpkins light up as Jack-o-Lanterns come alive! An all ages event that celebrates all things Halloween. Book your tickets online and get into the spooky holiday spirit in Calgary.

Pumpkin Tunnel in Calgary Alberta Canada. Photo Credit - Andrea Horning
Headless Horseman Pumpkin Display in Calgary

When Can I Visit Pumpkins After Dark in Calgary Alberta?

An important thing to note, is that this is an annual event! To clarify for this year (2023), you can visit any evening Thursdays through Sundays, from September 22 right until Halloween on October 31. Yes, that's right! Pumpkins After Dark in Calgary will be open on October 31! Obviously, this being a jack-o-lantern festival, you need darkness for the full effect. So this event takes place from time slots starting as early as 6:45 p.m. after darkness sets in. Equally important, the latest option for arrival when ordering tickets is 9:30 p.m. You must pick the time for your arrival when booking your tickets online in advance. Notably, Pumpkins After Dark in Calgary closes at 11 p.m. nightly, with last entry at 10 p.m. 

Artistic Carved Pumpkins at Pumpkins After Dark. Photo Credit - Andrea Horning
Huge Pumpkin Photo Opportunity. Photo Credit - Andrea Horning

Where is this Calgary Halloween Event?

88 Canada Olympic Road SW

You'll find the celebration for all things Halloween at Winsport Park in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Winsport Park, also known as Canada Olympic Park, is a fantastic area for the Pumpkins After Dark event. Set against the unique dark surroundings on the hill, the 1 km path through the park twists and turns around the luge track while lit up with life-size pumpkin displays. A fun reason to visit an Olympic Park if you've never been before! Adventure Seeker Cary, aka Mom, thought it was pretty cool when she realized we were walking over the luge and bobsledding track on the bridge portion of the path. Additionally, Pumpkins After Dark events can also be found across Canada in Milton and Ottawa in Ontario, Burnaby BC and Edmonton Alberta. 

Canada Olympic Park in the background. Photo Credit - Andrea Horning
Humorous trio at Calgarys Pumpkins After Dark event. Photo Credit - Andrea Horning

Everyone Has a Favourite Pumpkins After Dark Display 

Luckily, it was my third year attending this event, and I'm a huge fan of the really colourful pumpkin displays. I very much enjoyed the rainbow skeletons for example. Just so bright and cheerful while they danced the night away. Alternatively, I thought the dog sled pumpkin carving was super impressive this year! That whole section with the bears, wolves, and an igloo, was simply fantastic. It's nice that the displays are not the exact same every year. While some are old familiar displays, the majority for 2023 are new for this year! Everyone has a favourite pumpkin carving display here. Please note that we could not have such an amazing elaborate pumpkin show if they were all real pumpkins. Our cold weather would cause them to rot very quickly. They use special foam like pumpkins. Nonetheless, it does not take away from the artistic talent needed to pull off these super detailed displays! 

Amazing dog sled team made from carved pumpkins. Photo Credit - Andrea Horning
We live in pumpkin igloos during the fall season in Canada. Photo Credit - Andrea Horning

How Long Should I Give Myself for this Calgary Event?

When visiting Pumpkins After Dark, the amount of time it will take depends a lot on you. Some people say they are in and out in 20 minutes. Well they certainly didn't take any time to enjoy it at all then! I couldn't imagine being done and gone in less than an hour. Ideally, if you want to explore some demonstrations, enjoy a snack from one of the food trucks or vendors, wait your turn for the photo backgrounds and displays, as well as take your time while walking through all the pumpkin art, you'll want to give yourself about 2 hours. This way you're not rushed through and can enjoy the whole experience. 

Awesome photo backdrops at Pumpkins After Dark in Calgary Alberta. Photo Credit - Andrea Horning
Family photo opportunities at Pumpkins After Dark. Photo Credit - Pumpkins After Dark Employee

Admission to Pumpkins After Dark in Calgary 

 The price of admission to Pumpkins After Dark in Alberta for 2023 is as follows 

Adult 17+ - $20.95

Children 4-16 - $17.95

Family Pass for 2 adults + 2 kids - $72.80

Children 3 and under are free!

Tickets must be purchased in advance online. You will be asked to select the time you are going to arrive. There is no time limit for staying, but there is a time frame for entry. Additionally, there is something called a flexpass this year. That will allow you to pick the day you would like, but you can arrive anytime. The flex pass is good for 3 days from the date you choose when purchasing. Flex passes sell quickly!

Purchase tickets in advance online at the Pumpkins After Dark website. Photo Credit - Andrea Horning
Don't lose your little tickets. You'll receive them when you check in and will hand them in before doing the 1 km pumpkin walk. Photo Credit - Andrea Horning

An Annual Family Friendly Event

 Pumpkins After Dark is fantastic for all ages! There is a nice Halloween vibe but no jump scares and nothing that is going to surprise you. There are warnings before entering the park about the flashing lights and sounds. The sounds themselves are tame and nothing overly loud, but there are overlapping sounds you will hear. If anyone is easily over stimulated this may be a bit of an issue with the addition of flashing lights around as well. Overall, this is a very laid back enjoyable Halloween event in Calgary.

Kids love Pumpkins After Dark in Calgary Alberta. Photo Credit - Andrea Horning
Warning about noise as well as flashing lights. Photo Credit - Andrea Horning

Is there anything Halloween other than pumpkins here?

Food trucks, pumpkin spice treats, killer kettle corn, vendors, pumpkin carving displays, photo opportunities, light shows, and pumpkin shopping! The space for all of these fun activities can be enjoyed before or after you do the pumpkin walk. The lit up pumpkin displays are down a pathway seperate to this area. The pumpkin walk is a 1km loop trail that brings you back to where you started in the main tent area. Don't forget to bring a few extra dollars for those flashing light up toys before doing the walk! Definitely adds that extra bit of fun for the kids with their new LED cat ears or flashy sword in hand. 

Killer Kettle Corn at Pumpkins After Dark. Photo Credit - Andrea Horning
Pumpkin carving demonstrations at Pumpkins After Dark. Photo Credit - Andrea Horning

Need to Know Information 

Rain, snow or shine, this event will be open and operating so dress appropriately. Ticket sales are final and non-refundable although you can exchange the date or times (depending on availability) up to 24hrs before your original scheduled booking time. Pumpkin After Dark offers group rates for groups of 20+ people. Do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your scheduled arrival time. And don't be late, they won't guarantee access if you miss your time slot. Last entry is at 10 p.m while lights are done and off by 11. You'll find plenty of parking available on site, at no charge. But even so, it is still a bit of a walk to the entrance gate, so be prepared for those extra steps in addition to the 1 km pumpkin trail loop. Washrooms available at the entrance area and there are also portable toilets located near the hallway mark on the loop trail. Pumpkins After Dark is wheelchair accessible, but the terrain is a bit uneven and you may require assistance in some areas. Please note - no access for oversized wheelchairs. No pets allowed, service animals only. Food, drinks and snacks available onsite with some seating available as well.

Glowing cat ears add that extra halloween touch. Photo Credit - Andrea Horning
Awesome glowing walk through for 2023 at Calgarys Pumpkins After Dark. Photo Credit - Andrea Horning

Bring the Whole Family and Make Pumpkins After Dark a Yearly Tradition!

One of the nice things about this event is how long it goes on for. Running for 6 weeks, from Sept to Oct, you're bound to find an opening in your schedule that could fit. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy everything the event has to offer. Dress warm! It can be a little windy up at the park. Wagon and stroller friendly for the kids, and it is recommended if you have excited little explorers, as you are not allowed to touch the displays. Dress for those fall family photos and have a great night at Pumpkins After Dark in Calgary Alberta!
Say hello to Shrek while visiting Calgary in the fall. Photo Credit - Andrea Horning

Worth a visit to Pumpkins After Dark in Calgary

Fun Family Halloween Event

Canada Parks

  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Alberta
    • Attraction
    • Walking
  • 1 km
  • Easy - Family
  • Seasonal
  • Visit Winsport at 88 Canada Olympic Rd SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Location (Map)

88 Canada Olympic Rd SW, Calgary, AB T3B 5R5, Canada
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Comments 3

Diana Mohrsen on Thursday, 12 October 2023 23:43

What a cute event for the whole family. I've always liked tickets with specific time slots as you don't feel crowded or rushed. Love the pictures!

What a cute event for the whole family. I've always liked tickets with specific time slots as you don't feel crowded or rushed. Love the pictures!
Andrea Horning on Friday, 13 October 2023 04:52

Thank you. The timed tickets definitely help with how busy it can get here.

Thank you. The timed tickets definitely help with how busy it can get here.
Kim Kenyon on Friday, 13 October 2023 02:43

I wonder who had to count all the pumpkins to arrive at the total of 10,000! What a fun event!

I wonder who had to count all the pumpkins to arrive at the total of 10,000! What a fun event!
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