Madeline Lake

Park Amenities:
Boat Launch
Wildlife Watching

Madeline Lake Day Use Area in Yellowknife, N.W.T., Canada is located east of the community of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories on the Ingraham Trail. The Ingraham Trail (gravel road) is a popular recreation highway leading to a vast network of lakes, rivers, waterfalls and boat launches popular for adventure and recreation.

The Madeline Lake Day Use Area on the Ingraham Trail is a picnic site and a boat launch. The day use picnic area includes some picnic tables, fire pits and great views of the lake. The boat launch is used to access, both, Madeline and Prosperous Lakes. Prosperous Lake being the most popular for fishing.

There are many boat launches with access to different lakes on the Ingraham Trail route. Most come to fish for northern pike, arctic grayling, walleye, whitefish and lake trout. Please be reminded to pick up a fishing licence in Yellowknife as a fishing licence is required to fish in the Northwest Territory, Canada.

From the boat launch on Madeleine Lake canoe and kayak paddlers can access the last section of the Powder Point Paddle Route which ends just down stream at the Yellowknife Bridge near Back Bay on Great Slave Lake.

This last section of the paddle route will include one portage through a marshland, wetland area. Depending on conditions there may be more than one portage.

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Madeline Lake
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