Fishing Tips

Fishing Tips

Canada Fishing Tips

Canada has the most lakes in the world. We enjoy 3 oceans - the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. With so many lakes and oceans we also enjoy a massive number of rivers connecting them all. With so many lakes, rivers and oceans Canada is a waterway haven for fishing.

Whether you tow a boat & bring your own rods or you sign up with one of our fishing guides or travel to a fishing lodge we are a fishing capital of the world. Here are some helpful hints to prepare yourself for a fishing adventure.

- bring hat, sunglasses and sun screen.
- must have a fishing license. 
fishing guides, tours and lodges provide the best results for visitors.
- fishing guides are available near most popular fishing destinations.
- best to book charters, lodges and guides a year in advance.
- fishing lodges provide equipment, guides and accommodations.
- pack water proof matches and lighter.
- have good hiking boots for shore fishing and hiking to fishing holes.
- always lock vehicle in parking lot while fishing.
- fishing outfitter stores are a good source for fishing advice.
- be quiet as you fish gets best results.
- choose your location well for best results. 
- dress in layers as weather changes quickly out on the water.
- check weather prior to fishing.
- switch up your bait if fish are not biting.
- pack a waterproof flashlight
- do not litter on the water.


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