Boot Lake and the Jimmy Adams Peace Trail



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Boot Lake is a recreation destination located in the southeastern section of the community of Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. The lake includes a recreation trail also referred to as the Jimmy Adams Peace Trail. The trail is Inuvik's contribution to the Trans Canada Trail.

Boot Lake is a day use park popular for hiking, kayaking, sightseeing, canoeing and picnicking in the summer months. During the winter months, after the snow has fallen and the temperatures have dropped, the trail and lake become snowshoe and cross country ski destinations.

The Boot Lake Trail is a loop route with two trailheads. One trailhead is located in the Duck Lake Day Use Park on the west side of the lake and the other trailhead is located on the east side of the lake in the Boot Lake Day Use Park near the cemetery, best accessed from the Dempster Highway.

The entire hiking route should take no longer than 2 to 3 hours to complete depending on any added picnic and sightseeing time.

The Boot Lake Day Use Park includes a boat launch, picnic area, pit toilets and small pebbled beach. Located down the trail, about 10 minutes from the Duck Lake Day Use Park, is a children's playground, picnic area, pit toilets and beach access.

The Jimmy Adams Peace Trail follows the shores of Boot Lake closely for most of the way. The sightseeing trail leads to viewpoints, foot bridges and up to lookouts providing views of the wetlands, the community of Inuvik and the east channel of the Mackenzie River. Like many areas in the NWT, the Northern Lights can be enjoyed from Boot Lake during the winter months.

There are sections of the Boot Lake recreation route consisting of boardwalk trail and dirt trail. The boardwalk trails and footbridges protect the sensitive eco systems living along the wetland-like shoreline of Boot Lake. The lake is home to wild flowers, waterfowl and arctic spruce trees.

Boot Lake and the Jimmy Adams Peace Trail, Inuvik, NWT on the Dempster Highway exploring the Western Arctic, Northwest Territories, Canada.



Boot Lake and the Jimmy Adams Peace Trail
Dempster Highway

How To Get ToBoot Lake and the Jimmy Adams Peace Trail

Travel the Dempster Highway to the community of Inuvik, N.W.T., Canada. Prior to entering the community, there is an access road on your right leading down to the Boot Lake Day Use Park. The Duck Lake Day Use Park, and the other trailhead entrance to the Jimmy Adams Peace Trail is located in the community of Inuvik just off of Duck Lake Street.
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