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Pilot Monument in Yellowknife, N.W.T., Canada
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Yellowknife, N.W.T. - Pilot Monument

Pilot Monument, Old Town, Yellowknife, Canada Stairs to Pilot Monument, Yellowknife, Canada Views from Pilot Monument Lookout
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Pilot Monument

The Pilot Monument is a popular viewpoint to visit when in the community of Yellowknife, Northwest Territory, Canada. The Pilot Monument is located high up on "The Rock" in Old Town (a historical section of Yellowknife) surrounded by history, islands, boats, floatplanes and water.

From the Pilot Monument viewing deck travelers will enjoy views of Great Slave Lake, Back Bay, Yellowknife Bay, Old Town, Jolliffe Island, Frame Lake and the community of Yellowknife. There are colorful houseboats, some anchored others moving along, sharing the coastline with boats and floatplanes off the coast of Jolliffe Island and Back Bay.

The monument attraction is dedicated to the bush pilots and engineers whos lives were lost as they flew the wilderness skies of the Northwest Territory during the 1920s and 30s. An original plaque was first created in 1967. In 1999 a new plaque was created to better remember all the cultures who played a part in the emergence of the Northwest Territory.

The Bush Pilot and engineer played an instrumental role in the early development stages of the Northwest Territory. Bush Pilots transported supplies and people to remote villages, mining camps and oil operations. The engineers mapped out rivers, lakes and mountain passages. The same routes we use today for our NWT highways, flight paths and roads.

The Pilot Monument sits on "The Rock". The massive rock outcropping has always been a landmark since the beginning days of Yellowknife. When flat land was hard to come by, every rocky corner of Old Town was occupied with either a tent, shack or building. The water tanks supplying fresh water to Old Town use to be stored up on "The Rock". Today, "The Rock" is the site of one of Yellowknife's sightseeing natural attractions.

To access the lookout there is a series of stairs. The wooden stairs lead travelers to the top of "The Rock" were there is a lookout, a monument, sitting benches and interpretive signs. It is from the viewpoint that travelers will enjoy a 360 degree view of the Yellowknife and Great Slave Lake region including Jolliffe Island.

Jolliffe Island during the 1940s was a village in itself. There were once homes, a general store, a lumber yard and an oil tank supply depot operating on the island. The fuel depot stored the oil and gas that heated the community of Yellowknife. The island is named after a geologist who worked in the area named Fred Jolliffe. Much of the gold deposits of the Con' Mine were from the survey work of Mr. Jolliffe.

How to Get to Pilot Monument

Travel the Frontier Highway (Hwy #3) north to the community of Yellowknife, Northwest Territory, Canada. As you enter the community you will pass Jackfish Lake on your right and straight ahead will be the junction of Hwy #3 and Hwy #4 (Ingraham Trail). Follow Hwy #4 into the community of Yellowknife to Franklin Avenue. Turn left and continue to "Old Town". The Pilots Monument is on Ingraham Drive. By the Wildcat Cafe is a gravel road which leads to a parking lot next to the Pilot Monument.

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Pilot Monument

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