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The Backroads of Saskatchewan

Saskatchwan-Backroads Road-tripping the Backroads of Saskatchewan

Road-tripping Saskatchewan Canada

The Best Sightseeing Tours Are when You Exit Highway #1

Backroads of Saskatchewan Canada - If you have ever traveled the #1 Trans Canada Highway through Saskatchewan you can probably relate to the saying that 'Saskatchewan is so flat you can watch your dog run away for 3 days'. 

There is definitely some truth to that saying as Saskatchewan via the #1 Trans Canada Hwy is beautiful and fairly flat where you can see forever it seems but there is so much more to this province, on the backroads. 

 Highlights of Road Tripping Saskatchewan

 If you are not in a rush take that detour off the #1 and explore this stunningly beautiful and underrated province. You won't be disappointed.

The backroads are filled with history where you'll find Ghost Towns, Old Grain Elevators, School Houses, Churches, and more. Engulf oneself in the spectacular scenery, where you have a chance to see wildlife and enjoy a relaxing drive compared to the rush of the main highway. Below are some backcountry highlights in Saskatchewan Canada.

Elbow - Backroads Saskatchewan

Elbow's Sod House. Photo credit: Cary Horning

Sod House in Elbow, Saskatchewan

Located on Main Street in Elbow, Saskatchewan is the Elbow Museum and a house entirely made of sod.

During the summer of 2000, this unique house was built from native prairie sod. The Sod House is furnished with period pieces giving visitors a glimpse of how thousands of settlers lived when they homesteaded on the Canadian prairie in the early 1900s.

History of Saskatchewan

Old Truck from Days Gone By

Days gone by on the backroads of Saskatchewan

If you love old cars, trucks, and farm equipment then the backroads of Saskatchewan hold many treasures from days gone by.

The friendly locals and farmers love to tell the history of their area and some can even tell you the date of the last time the vehicle or piece of equipment was used. 

Abandoned in a field, many years ago no longer fixable for use, this old truck still stands today where it last worked. 

Standing proud and holding memories of the hard work it did together with the farmer that owned it.  

Funny Named Towns on Saskatchewan's Backroads 

Drinking-Water in Drinkwater, Saskatchewan

Having a drink in Drinkwater, Saskatchewan

Cruising the backroads on Highway 39 approximately 18 miles south of Moose Jaw l came upon the Village of Drinkwater. Population: 77

So for fun, l had to stop for a photo having a drink of water in Drinkwater, Saskatchewan.

Drinkwater is named after Charles Drinkwater who was an original director of the CP Railway and was incorporated into a Village in 1904.

Drinkwater is also home to a 113-year-old Sanborn Round Barn. Unfortunately, a bad winter storm in 2021 badly damaged the old structure. 

Sanborn Round Barn. Photo credit: Cary Horning

 Eyebrow, Saskatchewan

Another funny named Village is Eyebrow, Saskatchewan.

Along Highway 42 east of Central Butte you will find the small Village of Eyebrow which is named for nearby Eyebrow Lake and a hill that is shaped like an eyebrow. This area is known for great for hunting and fishing as the community is within driving distance of Lake Diefenbaker ( 1 1/2 hours drive) and several Provincial and Regional Parks.

Centennial Park Campground is a Municipally owned park in Eyebrow with amenities such as, a summer kitchen with plug-ins, ball diamonds, picnic areas and modern washrooms. This well treed campground has spacious camping spots great for group camping and all camping spots have firepits & picnic tables. 

The grain elevator in Eyebrow was a former Saskatchewan Wheat Pool location that was serviced by Canadian Pacific Railway and handled primarily lentils, durum and spring wheat. Due to market conditions this grain elevator was closed in 2018.

Photo credit: Cary Horning

Maxstone School, Stonehenge, Saskatchewan 

Approximately 15 kms south of the Town of Assiniboia, Saskatchewan you will find the Municipal Heritage Property, the old Maxstone School. The school occupies a grassy .85-ha parcel of rural land and features a one-room, wood-frame schoolhouse built in 1925 and a commemorative cairn that was erected in 1986.  

The Maxstone School was built by local contractor Peder Thompson who used plans from the Waterman-Waterbury Company. The large one-room Maxstone School could accommodate nearly 100 pupils and included such amenities as indoor toilets and a basement furnace. The school's design allowed for the installation of a removable partition to create two rooms when enrolment increased and space for separate elementary and high school instruction was needed. Maxstone School served the community's educational needs until 1963, when at that time declining enrolment prompted its closure.

Photo credit: Cary Horning
Photo credit: Cary Horning
Photo credit: Cary Horning

History Awaits You on the Backroads of Saskatchewan

If you must stay on the #1 Trans Canada Highway plan on driving into the sunset and set your cruise control for a fuel-efficient drive and be amazed by 'The Land of Living Skies.'

Therefore, if you really want to see what Saskatchewan is all about, take the backroads and enjoy a step back in time.

Road Tripping Saskatchewan

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Melanie Adair on Thursday, 16 September 2021 03:13

Love it! Brings back memories growing up!

Love it! Brings back memories growing up!
Janel Coe on Thursday, 16 September 2021 15:14

Awesome article, Cary. I really want to visit Elbow haha

Awesome article, Cary. I really want to visit Elbow haha
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