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Backpacker Inns & Hostels in Quebec, Canada

A Hostel or Backpackers Inn is one of the most economical ways of traveling and exploring Quebec, Canada. It is also one of the best ways to meet people from around the world. At a Hostel or Backpacker Inn the common rooms like kitchen, washrooms and living room are often shared. In Hostels you are self sufficient. Meals are self cooked. Groceries are self supplied.

Hostels are generally located on bus routes and close to all major transportation and community services. There are exceptions as some are located in wilderness areas outside of a community.

The expenses when staying at a Hostel or Backpacker Inn are economical because of the shared sleeping quarters. In most Hostel accommodations the rooms are filled with bunk beds and single beds therefore they are able to sleep up to 6-8 people. Some hostels provide private rooms for a higher price.

There are eco retreat Hostels which specialize in an eco activity like mountain biking, skiing and backpacking. Some operate tours, as well as, an accommodation.

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