Kings Castle Provincial Park

Murray Harbour

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Kings Castle Provincial Park

Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island, PEI

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Fairy Tale Park

Kings Castle Provincial Park is located near the community of Murray River, PEI, Canada. The day use park is one huge childrens playground with fairy tale creatures decorating the grounds and trails. The park also provides access to a long sandy beach on the Murray River for after a day of play.

What are the Things To Do, Activities, Adventures in the Kings Castle Provincial Park?

Kings Castle Provincial Park adventures, tours, guides and activities most enjoyed in and around the park are picnicking, sightseeing, playing, walking, beachcombing, wildlife watching and hiking.

What are the amenities, services located in the Kings Castle Provincial Park?

A few of the more popular amenities and services located in and around the Kings Castle Provincial Park includes a picnic shelter, change rooms, lots of green space, sandy beach and playground.

What are the best highlights located in the Kings Castle Provincial Park?

Places to play, and highlights located in and around the Kings Castle Provincial Park near Murray River includes the many fairy tale creatures including the Three Bears, Tin Man, Mother Goose, Big Bad Wolf, and a Pumpkin Slide.

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Kings Castle Provincial Park
1887 Gladstone Rd
Murray Harbour

How To Get ToKings Castle Provincial Park

Located 3 kilometres east of Murray River on Route 348 and Gladstone Road.
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