Pond Cove Beach and the Brier Island Nature Preserve

Trail Length: 4 kilometres

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:
Interpretive Signs
Wildlife Watching

Pond Cove Beach

Brier Island, Digby Neck, Nova Scotia Parks Guide

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Pond Cove Beach and the Brier Island Nature Preserve are located, you guessed it, on Brier Island. The cove is a popular long sandy beach and hiking trail destination on Digby Neck. It is a long beach and ideal for beachcombing, especially at low tide. The preserve is home to the Eastern Mountain Avens. It is a rare plant which only exists in 2 places in the world. Pond Cove Beach is also the trailhead to the 4 kilometre one-way multi-use Coastal Trail which connects the beach to the Western Lighthouse.

What are the Top Things To Do, Activities, and Adventures at the Pond Cove Beach?

Pond Cove Beach adventures, and activities most enjoyed include swimming, sightseeing, beachcombing, ATVing, hiking, floral viewing, birding (birdwatching) and wildlife watching. Ideal for sightseeing whales and seals.

Why Pond Cove Beach?

Because this sandy beach is real long, great for beach walks, and the surrounding preserve is really beautiful, plus one can explore the area on a 4 kilometre hiking trail connecting to a lighthouse. Hello! Does anybody put us think this is real cool.

What are the features, amenities, and exhibits available for travelers to explore while at the Pond Cove Beach?

The more important, some would say only, features, amenities, services located in and around Pond Cove Beach includes parking, information signs, and green space.

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Pond Cove Beach and the Brier Island Nature Preserve
Gull Rock Road


Located in: Digby Parks
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