Be Bear Smart

Be Bear Smart

The bears are awake and now is the time to make yourself Bear Smart before heading out to enjoy the outdoors.

Hiking in Bear Country

      1. Before heading out, leave information about your route, destination and estimated return time with family or friends.

      2. Be sure to carry bear spray and a noise maker. Have your bear spray at hand and not in your backpack. In a holster around your waist is ideal for easy access. Know how to use bear spray!

  1.  Always, always, always keep your dog on a leash! I cannot stress this point enough!
  1.  Watch out for bear activity such as - Tracks, scat, claw marked trees, torn stumps, rolled logs and rocks, diggings or anthills torn open. If these signs of bear activity are recent, calmly and quickly leave the area.
  1.  Be super cautious in areas with heavily-laden berry bushes. Bears love berries!
  1.  Travel in groups. Four or more is ideal. The larger your group the better. Be sure to make plenty of noise, especially when heading into the wind, moving through dense shrubbery and along streams and rivers.
  1.  If stopping to rest or camping - Avoid areas with sweet clover, red clover, oats or berry bushes. Also avoid traveling along popular wildlife routes such as creeks, rivers and lake shores.

CAMPING in Bear Country

      1. Keep a clean campsite! Cook, and store your food and toiletries in airtight containers at least 100 meters from your camp. NEVER take these items into your tent or trailer. 

      2. Remote area camping - Hang your food 3-4 meters off the ground and more than 100 meters from your camp. Use bear proof storage lockers if possible.

  1. Try to use dried or precooked foods that have less food odor. Don`t bury or burn scrap food.
  2. Store clothes worn while fishing or cooking at least 100 meters from your camp.

Fishing in Bear Country

  1.  Bears like to use lake shores, rivers and creeks as their feeding sites and travel routes. Be very alert and make as much noise as you can while fishing and moving about in these areas.
  1.  Fish with a buddy! Have at least one other person with you and stay in contact with each other.
  1.  Be sure to clean your fish away from your campsite. Seal fish in plastic bags and wash your hands well.

Cycling in Bear Country

      1. Riding your bike along the trails is a favorite past time of many, however, remember your bicycle is quick and quiet and may surprise a bear.

  1.  Be sure to cycle with friends, make LOTS of noise and make some extra noise before riding through thick brush or around blind corners.
  1.  Have Bear Spray easily accessible and know how to use it.

We all need to do our part to keep our Bears and Wildlife safe...NEVER FEED WILDLIFE!

If you are in your vehicle and see a bear on the side of the road - STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE! Never approach a bear. They are fast and you won`t out run one.



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