Harbour Passage Trail

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Saint John

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Harbour Passage Trail

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Harbour Passage Trail is a collection of walking trails which explore the west and north ends of the City of Saint John, New Brunswick. The pathway provides an opportunity to view the waterfront and connect to various lookouts, attractions, restaurants, shops and heritage sites. Along the route one can learn about the city by reading any of the many information billboards located along the route.

What are the Top Things To Do, Activities, and Adventures in the Harbour Passage Trail?

Harbour Passage Trail adventures, and activities most enjoyed include sightseeing, walking, biking, dog walking and jogging.

Why Harbour Passage Trail?

It is the best way on foot and on bike to sightsee the city from easy to north. Along the way there are plenty of places to shop and eat and to be entertained.

What are the amenities, services and extras available to travelers in and around Harbour Passage Trail?

The more important amenities and services located in and around Harbour Passage Trail includes sightseeing benches, viewpoints, interpretive plaques, heritage sites and access to city services.

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Harbour Passage Trail
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