Seal Cove Beach

Grand Manan Island

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Seal Cove Beach

Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, NB

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Seal Cove Beach is located on the southeast side of Grand Manan Island. It is by far one of the best sandy beaches to visit on the island. The easy-access sandy beach is a great spot to take the family for the day.

What are the Things To Do, Activities, Adventures at Seal Cove Beach?

Seal Cove Beach adventures, and activities most enjoyed in the area includes picnicking, beachcombing, swimming, and sightseeing.

Why Seal Cove Beach?

It is one the best beaches to explore on the island. Time your visit for low tide and one can comb the beach for beach glass. Bring a blanket and stay awhile and explore, build sand castles and swim.

What are the highlights, amenities, services located at Seal Cove Beach?

A few of the more popular highlights, amenities and services located at Seal Cove Beach are the herring-smoking sheds clustered around the tidal creek mouth near the Village of Seal Cove.

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Seal Cove Beach
King Street
Grand Manan Island

How To Get ToSeal Cove Beach

From the Grand Manan Island Ferry Terminal (North Head) travel Highway 776 south to King Street Road. Follow King Street to the end and connect the sandy beach.
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