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Barracks Square

Fredericton, New Brunswick, NB

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Barracks Square is a historic site and home to an 1827 barracks built by the British Army to house over 200 soldiers. The main floor is home to River Valley Crafts and Fine Art Gift Shops featuring some of the local artists of Fredericton.

What are the Things To Do, Activities, Adventures in the Barracks Square?

Barracks Square adventures, and activities most enjoyed in the park are sightseeing, touring, croquet, shopping and picnicking.

Why the Barracks Square?

It is an opportunity to learn about the history of the area during the war of 1812. There are artifacts and guided tours featuring the historic buildings on the grounds. Time your visit to experience the "changing of the guard" ceremony.

What are the highlights, amenities, services located in the Barracks Square?

A few of the more popular highlights, amenities and services located in and around the Barracks Square includes a craft shop, guard house, food concession, visitor information, soldiers barracks, outdoor festivals, concerts, film and guided tours.

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Barracks Square
463 Queen Street

How To Get ToBarracks Square

In Fredericton follow Queen Street in downtown Fredericton to Carleton Street. Before the corner on Carleton look to your right and the barracks are there.
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