Southern Head Lighthouse

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Southern Head Lighthouse

Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, NB

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Southern Head Lighthouse is located on Gull Cliff on the southwest point of Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick. The concrete lighthouse was initailly built to guide vessels navigating the North Channel on the Bay of Fundy. From the lighthouse one can access the Southern Head to Pats Head Hiking Trail.

What are the Things To Do, Activities, Adventures at the Southern Head Lighthouse?

Southern Head Lighthouse adventures, and activities most enjoyed in the park includes sightseeing, hiking and walking.

Why the Southern Head Lighthouse?

The Southern Head Lighthouse provides amazing scenery of rock cliffs and the coastline. On a clear day one can see two other lighthouses - the Machias Seal Island and the Gannet Rock Lighthouses.

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Southern Head Lighthouse
Route 776
Grand Manan Island


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