Welcome Message

Welcome to ehCanadaTravel.com,

We are the "eh Team" Brothers, Colin & Greg Girard, the co founders of ehCanadaTravel.com. We're so happy you are here.

We have narrowed it down to 5 reasons why we started ehCanadaTravel.com. (1) We grew up loving the outdoors and wanted our work life to reflect our passion for adventure; (2) We found that there was very little information online to educate us on where to unleash our favorite adventures; (3) We wanted to give back to the many front-line tourism businesses who have helped us along the way; (4) We wanted to provide travelers a reliable online educational resource with real "boots-on-the-ground" research information far beyond what booking only websites can offer and (5) we have to pay our bills.

We hope we "wow" you enough to join our community. Our Media Kit should answer most of your questions. We know your time is money so we truly appreciate you taking a moment to get to know who we are and what we can do for your business and community. We understand many are competing for your advertising dollars. Sorry about that too. They can get aggressive. However, with us, please keep in mind, that you would be supporting a Canadian tourism businesses, and Canadian technology. Get to know us and the decision should become clear on how you would like to proceed.

The best way to experience our unique brand of tourism and adventure is to register your business with us today. Thank you in advance for supporting Canadian entrepreneurship, ingenuity and innovation. Please feel free to call your Tourism Ambassador or us, here at base camp, if you have any questions.

Colin (Ducky) and Greg (Gug) Girard
co founding brothers