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"Colin and Greg Girard are the best thing for tourism in a long time." Randy O.

Co Founders

ehCanadaTravel.com a new innovative, independent tourism brother team with 40+ years of combined tourism marketing experience. The co founding brothers, Colin and Greg Girard, draw on decades of tourism, internet, print and marketing job experiences to assist them in charting their path guiding their company towards its strategic goals. Starting in a basement unit, the co founders understand the value of hard-work, commitment, listening, and learning. Together, they have enjoyed creating Canada's first booking, planning and interactive national tourism website.


The brothers started their tourism journey creating and operating community websites SidneyBC.com and VictoriaBC.ca. At one point the brother team owned and managed 9 community and regional websites. They sold some. Others they merged.

Over time the brothers were told "they had something here" and were encouraged regularly by clients and partners to continue to expand and create new tourism technology. To do so the brothers had to collect their own information, photos and videos to create a national website so they embarked on, what turned out to be, an 8 year journey researching tourism communities, parks and adventures from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

When all was said and done the Girard Brothers visited over 750+ tourism communities, and explored over 3500+ parks/trails/historic sites. In the spring of January 2014 the brothers pre- launched ehCanadaTravel.com and started to populate the website with the information they had collected. They continue to this day adding information to the website.

The Girard Brothers have been featured on CBC (3X), Canada.com, Travel TV, and Travel Industry Today. They have provided research for articles in Cottage Country Magazine, Hub Magazine and many local papers. They have written for the Huffington Post, The Nature Conservancy of Canada and are the contributors for their award winning travel blog. The eh Canada Blog is ranked as one of the BEST Travel Blogs in Canada by many sources including recently Flight Network, SC Travel and Blog Spot.

Colin Girard

Colin Girard
COLIN GIRARD has been involved in the global tourism community since 1990. He began his tourism career in Jasper, Alberta, Canada where he soon was promoted up the managerial ladder. After many years of website design and search engine self education Colin branched out on his own in 2000. At that time, Colin created and managed a community website for the town of Sidney BC on Vancouver Island. Today, Colin's reputation, determination and relationships has enabled him to grow from one website into a national website covering over 750+ communities called 'eh Canada Travel & Adventure'. (ehCanadaTravel.com).

Responsibilities: website design, development, internet marketing, programming

Interests: When not a computer geek, Colin's outdoor passions include fishing, golfing, hiking, and snowboarding.

Greg Girard

Greg Girard
GREG GIRARD has been involved in sales, marketing, research and business development since 1989 . Greg's last post was as an International Marketing Director for a software publishing company working out of Edmonton, Alberta and Dresden, Germany. In 2002, Greg left the "suit and tie" world to partner up with his brother to assist him in the development of ehCanadaTravel.com.

Responsibilities: sales, marketing, content writing, research, public speaking

Interests: When Greg is not networking he enjoys backpacking, photography, wilderness camping, golfing and snowboarding


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