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Canso Causeway

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Canso Causeway connects Chedabucto Bay to Northumberland Strait. The Strait of Canso separates Cape Breton Island from the mainland of Nova Scotia and the causeway bridges the gap. A canal connects two bodies of water when one body of water is higher than the other. The Canso Canal uses a tidal lock consisting of two sets of gates, to compensate for the difference in water levels. Along the Canso Canal is a pedestrian causeway used for walking, sightseeing and for shore fishing. 

What are the Top Things To Do, Activities, and Adventures enjoyed at the Canso Causeway?

Canso Causeway adventures, and activities most enjoyed includes sightseeing, shore fishing and walking.  

Why Canso Causeway?

Because it is an opportunity to see how lake locks work in Canada and how they transport ships and pleasure craft from one body of water to another. Plus, it is the destination in Port Hawkesbury for sightseeing.           

What are the features, and amenities provided at the Canso Causeway?

The more important, some would say only, features, amenities, services located in and around Canso Causeway includes a lighthouse, the Trans Canada Trail and information signs.

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Canso Causeway
Highway 104
Port Hawkesbury

How To Get ToCanso Causeway

8 kilometre (9 minute) drive northwest on Highway #104 from Port Hawkesbury to Canso Causeway.
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