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Brier Island (Western Point) Lighthouse

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Brier Island (Western Point) Lighthouse

Brier Island, Digby Neck, Nova Scotia Parks Guide

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Brier Island is located on the west side of Nova Scotia forming part of the Digby Neck across St. Mary's Bay from Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada. The unmanned lighthouse on Brier Island stands 18 metres tall and is of an octagon shape with 3 red rings around it. The wetlands on the island are home to 40 different species of wild orchids. Time your seasons. At low tide the rocky shoreline reveals itself for exploration.

What are the Top Things To Do, Activities, and Adventures at the Brier Island (Western Point) Lighthouse?

Brier Island (Western Point) Lighthouse adventures, and activities most enjoyed include sightseeing, beachcombing, birding (birdwatching) and wildlife watching.

Why Brier Island (Western Point) Lighthouse?

Because when you are exploring Nova Scotia and you do not conduct a self guided lighthouse tour at sometime during your trip you are not exploring Nova Scotia. Luckily when in Digby, Nova Scotia there are a few to select from.

What are the features, amenities, and exhibits available for travelers to explore while at the Brier Island (Western Point) Lighthouse?

Not much for amenities here. The only features, amenities, services and exhibits located in and around Brier Island (Western Point) Lighthouse includes some parking and green space.

Come to Brier Island (Western Point) Lighthouse in Nova Scotia, Canada


Brier Island (Western Point) Lighthouse
720 Lighthouse Rd
Digby ,


Located in: Digby Parks
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