Cataracts Provincial Park


Difficulty: Moderate
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Cataracts Provincial Park

Placentia, Newfoundland Adventure Guide

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Cataracts Provincial Park is a waterfall experience while exploring a crazy twisting boardwalk trail with stairs before visiting a lookout with views of the falls. The waterfall is a result of the Cataracts River and a small creek plunging down over a cliff. 

What are the Top Things To Do, Activities, and Adventures enjoyed at the Cataracts Provincial Park?

Cataracts Provincial Park adventures, and activities most enjoyed includes hiking, picnicking, sightseeing and waterfalling.  

Why Cataracts Provincial Park near Placentia, NFLD?

Because it is a waterfalling experience. Everyone likes waterfalls. In Canada, we have some of the nicest waterfalls and to visit anyone of them is a treat. Getting to this one is fun too with the boardwalk and stairs. 

What are the features, and amenities provided at the Cataracts Provincial Park?

The more important, some would say only, features, amenities, services located in and around the Cataracts Provincial Park includes picnic areas, lookout platforms, toilets, and parking.  

Explore the Cataracts Provincial Park in Newfoundland, Canada


Cataracts Provincial Park

How To Get ToCataracts Provincial Park

From downtown Placentia, Newfoundland, Canada it is a 30 kilometre (35 minute) drive east on Hwy #91, watch for signs, then take a right to the site.
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