World's Largest Lobster

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World's Largest Lobster

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World's Largest Lobster is located at the entrance of the community of Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada in Rotary Park. Shediac is "The Lobster Capital of the World" so it makes since the worlds largest would be there. The lobster measures 11 m (35 ft.) in length, 5 m (16 ft.) in width and 5 m (16 ft.) in height. It is very rare to drive by this monument and not see lobster selfies being taken.

What are the Top Things To Do, Activities, and Adventures when visiting the World's Largest Lobster?

World's Largest Lobster adventures, and activities most enjoyed include selfies, selfies and selfies. After that one can explore visiting with nearby retail stores, restaurants, gift shops and even some activity companies.

Why World's Largest Lobster?

Why not? Of the many monuments (or mascots) in the country this is one of the best ones for photos. Who would not get a kick out of getting a selfie with this crustacean.

Come to New Brunswick and visit the World's Largest Lobster


World's Largest Lobster
229 Main Street


Located in: Shediac | New Brunswick
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