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P'tit Sault Blockhouse

Edmundston, New Brunswick, NB

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The P'tit Sault Blockhouse is a defensive installation built in 1841 at the confluence of the the Madawaska and the St. John Rivers. The “Aroostook Bloodless War,” was at a time when England and the Untied States were threatening war. The blockhouse is now a historic site with interpretive guided tours leading to some great views of Edmundston, NB, Canada.

What are the Things To Do, Activities, Adventures in the P'tit Sault Blockhouse?

P'tit Sault Blockhouse adventures, and activities most enjoyed in and around the historic site are sightseeing, and guided touring.

Why the P'tit Sault Blockhouse?

Learning about a countries history is always interesting. In all travels, in all countries, we should always make an effort to learn each others history on some level. Plus... there is a massive soldier statue outside that is ideal for taking photos with the blockhouse in the background. 

What are the amenities, services located in the P'tit Sault Blockhouse?

A few of the more popular amenities and services located in and around the P'tit Sault Blockhouse are information signs, interpretive guides, and a large parking lot. 

Come to New Brunswick and explore the P'tit Sault Blockhouse


Block House
14 St-Jean Ave.

How To Get ToBlock House

From Hwy 144 in Edmundston travel towards the banks of the Madawaska River. Two blocks east of the river is Avenue St. Jean and the P'tit Sault Blockhouse.
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