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Riverside Park

Campbelltown, New Brunswick, NB

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The Riverside Park is a memorial park displaying the history of the "Battle of the Restigouche". Onsite there are two cannons. These are French canons erected during the battle at Battery Point. Another two monuments on display are in memory of local soldiers who died in battle during World War I and World War II.

What are the Things To Do, Activities, Adventures in the Riverside Park?

Riverside Park adventures, and activities most enjoyed in the park are hiking, walking, biking, sightseeing and picnicking.

Why the Riverside Park?

Leaning a little bit about the history of a community is always an interesting journey.

What are the amenities, services located in the Riverside Park?

A few of the more popular amenities and services located in and around the Riverside Park are sightseeing benches, information signs, green space and close to shopping.

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Riverside Park
Water Street

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In Campbelltown at the corner of Water and Prince William Streets.
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