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What You Get

Advertising Listings

  • Only Canadian website to provide businesses with category, community, regional & national interactive advertising listings & an interface for receiving bookings instantly.
  • You will have the options to receive information requests and/or a full featured booking system where you receive payments to process as soon as they are made by travelers.
  • You have access to a Social Travel online editor to make updates to your business profile and any changes to your listings including price, black out dates and special rules.

Social Travel Profile

  • All who sign up receive an interactive Social Travel Profile with a cover photo, avatar and access to all 14 interactive features.
  • All have access to interactive & content marketing tools for adding content to their profile, communities and for posting status updates, photos, videos, events, new content, travel tips, travel stories and a lot more.
  • All posts and new content created by you promotes your business, blog, photos, events, etc. across Canada and social media.You get all the glory & credit. Become a Canadian Travel Influencer today.

How We Work

List your business

Complete your details, photos & optional payment policies. Give us 48 hours to approve and then you can begin to receive information requests and/or bookings.

Customize your Social Travel Profile

Access your interactive profile and customize it with a cover photo, avatar and complete the "About Us" section.

Start posting live to Travel Communities

Access your Social Travel Profile & start creating additional marketing by posting updates, specials, photos & videos.

Start creating community content

Use our 14 content marketing tools to create community information pages, tips, stories, events.

What Happens Next

When you post an update, special, photo or video it will be published on our travel communities located on the front page of Canada and every province and territory on the website. One 2-minute post turns into 13 ads across the country.
When you create new content like a park, trail, beach, viewpoint, historic site, etc. it is published to a community, becomes part of the website and it is published on all live travel communities. You are featured on the page as the author of the information.
All posts and content created are then rebroadcasted on Canadian Travel social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, & Google+. Selected posts and content may also be shared on Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
Top posts of the week are then featured the following week on top rated Canadian and Regional social media pages including (2) Facebook, (6) Twitter, (2) Google+ pages, as well as, possibly on Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin.



1 Quality 2-Minute Post Can Generate Up To 38 Social Ads On The Internet
Marketing Your Business, Blog, Photography & Interests.

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