Medby Rock Lookout Trail


Trail Length: 2 kilometre
Park Amenities:

Medby Rock Lookout Trail in Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada is a 2 kilometre wilderness hiking trail located east of Bella Coola and Hagensborg, BC. The hiking route is dedicated to a local artist named Carl Medby, who during the 1930s would hike the trail to various points to paint.

The Medby Rock Trail is a moderate hike following a branch road, single track trails and switchbacks to an old forestry lookout providing views of the entire Bella Coola Valley. The beginning part of the route follows a branch road up a medium grade hill through some dense forest cover. Continue to where the trail levels out. Follow the tree markers to a small creek. At the creek the trail will lead you up some switchbacks through some old growth forest consisting of Douglas Fir trees and then up a cliff to an old forestry lookout tower.

The trial is a great way to see the valley. From the forestry lookout the views to the west include the community of Bella Coola and the Village of Hagensborg, BC, Canada. To the south the views look down Nusatsum Valley. To the north the views follow the Saloompt River Valley.

From the lookout experienced hikers with good navigation equipment can continue hiking the ridge trail to Nusatsum Mountain. The trail is steep and rough and hikers should allow 6-9 hours to reach the 2574 metre summit from the lookout. From the alpine summit the views of the region open up for miles.

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Medby Rock Lookout Trail
East Nusatsum Forest Service Road

How To Get ToMedby Rock Lookout Trail

From Bella Coola travel Highway 20 east for about 23 kilometres to the Nusatsum River Bridge. Cross the bridge and continue pass the Drive 100m past the sharp corner. The trailhead is located up the East Nusatsum Forest Service Road just up ahead. There is a large parking lot on the left side of the highway.
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