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Sheppard Park is a sightseeing destination and a historical park with a long history of farming located in the community of High River, Alberta, Canada in the Southern Alberta Foothills of Canada.

High River, Alberta photo gallerySheppard Park was established in 1995 and measures 5.2 hectares (13 acres) in size. The park grounds, once a pioneer homestead, consist of many historic buildings, artifacts and historical exhibits.

One of the historic buildings located in Sheppard Park is the 1883 log cabin originally built by Andrew Bell and then purchased by Henry Sheppard. Henry Sheppard lived on the site during the early to mid 1900s.

Once a park the 1883 log cabin was soon accompanied by other historical buildings. One by one historical buildings are carefully moved to the park for preservation. Other buildings in the park now include the Little Bow School (1904), the MacDougall House (1899) and the Milo Barn (1913).

In this High River, Alberta park, many of the historic buildings are furnished in artifacts from the early 1900s. The homes, school house, barn - all feel like stepping back in time.

Outside, exploring the park grounds is, yet again, another history lesson in farming and early life on the prairies. Throughout the grounds are displays of historical farming equipment once used to grow the land. Some of the artifacts include wagon carts, plows and threshing equipment.

In the centre of Sheppard Park is a large grass lawn area with picnic tables. Outside the fenced green lawns are farming fields. Next to the historic log cabin are wildflower gardens and just down the lane is a vegetable garden.

The grounds of Sheppard Park, the buildings and the history are also a destination for staging major events, weddings and group gatherings. The Milo Barn can hold up to 120 people.

There are washrooms in the park available at the MacDougall House. There is a gift shop with antiques, crafts and art.

Sheppard Park is also connected to the popular recreation trail - Happy Trails Pathway - which explores the community of High River from one end to the other visiting parks, attractions and downtown.


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