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Ice Fishing in Ontario, Canada is enjoyed during the colder winter months after the temperatures drop, the waterways freeze over and the snow falls. It is during the winter months that most of the lakes and rivers in the province become ice fishing destinations.

The backcountry wilderness ice fishing lakes and rivers require transportation to access like snowmobiles, 4x4 vehicles and specially equipped bush planes and floatplanes. Many communities and wilderness resorts become staging areas for accessing the hard to access ice fishing locations.

Some anglers arrive in Ontario, Canada with their fishing gear in hand ready for some quality time in an ice shack while others prefer the company of a fishing guide or the comforts of a winter fishing lodge. Many guides and lodges provide the gear, transportation and warming huts referred to as ice shacks. All fishing in Ontario requires a fishing licence.

Ice shacks are portable ice fishing huts erected on the surface of frozen lakes and rivers. Inside each ice shack are some of the comforts of home. Some are basic providing a chair, ice auger and wood stove for heat while others are more deluxe providing sleeping quarters, television and cooking utensils.

Some of the fish located in the lakes and rivers of Ontario, Canada include walleye, perch, northern pike, small mouth bass, catfish, goldeye, pickeral, arctic char, whitefish and brown, lake, brook and rainbow trout.

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