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Louise Falls, Twin Gorge Territorial Park in the N.W.T.
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Louise Falls, Waterfall Highway, N.W.T., Canada
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Louise Falls, Twin Gorge Park
Waterfall Highway (Hwy #1), Northwest Territory, Canada

Louise Falls, Waterfall Highway, Northwest Territory, Canada Spiral Stairs at Louise Falls, Waterfall Highway, Northwest Territory, Canada Boardwalk Trail to Louise Falls, Waterfall Highway, Northwest Territory, Canada
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Louise Falls

The Louise Falls is part of the Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park. It is a day use area and campground park located 75 kilometres (46.7 miles) after crossing the Alberta/NWT Boarder crossing when traveling the Waterfall Highway (Hwy #1) from Alberta, Canada.

Louise Falls is the second of two large waterfalls in the Twin Gorge Falls Territorial Park. The other falls being the Alexandra Falls. However Louise Falls is the bigger of the two falls measuring 34.7 metres high (114 feet).

At the entrance of the Louise Falls is a gravel parking lot and a day use area. The Louise Falls day use area includes picnic tables, viewing benches, a kitchen shelter, fire pits and many interpretive signs. Many of the information signs detail the cultures and traditions of the Dene First Nation people and the surrounding eco system.

In the day use area is a trailhead entrance leading to a 2.2 kilometre boardwalk trail connecting to Alexandra Falls. The trail explores through a boreal forest leading to a viewing platform with sitting benches overlooking the Hay River Canyon and Louise Falls.

From the trail there is a funky spiral staircase leading down to the top of the falls. A short trail leads you to the falls and some great views. The mist makes the rocks slippery so be aware. It is loud and very wet. There are no protective railings near the waterfall so keep kids close.

After Louise Falls the boardwalk trail continues to Alexandra Falls. In the other direction, from Louise Falls, the trail continues another 2 kilometres to Escarpment Creek.

If you prefer to drive to Alexandra Falls then after you walk to Louise Falls return to your vehicle and drive to the Alexandra Falls parking lot and walk to the waterfall.

The Louise Falls campground includes campsites with picnic tables, fire pits and firewood. There are showers, washrooms, playground, picnic kitchen shelters, power, fresh water taps, sani station.. And there are campground fees.

How to Get to Louise Falls

Travel along the Waterfall Highway (Hwy #1 E) for 75 kilometres (46.7 miles) after the Alberta/NWT Border crossing. From the Waterfall Highway watch for signs pointing to the entrance of the Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park and Louise Falls. Louise Falls is 3 kilometres north of the Alexandra Falls parking lot entrance.

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Louise Falls, Waterfall Highway, N.W.T. EH!
Northwest Territories, Canada

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Louise Falls

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Louise Falls, Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park, Waterfall Highway. Hwy #1, N.W.T., Canada, Campground.
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