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Ingraham Highway, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
Hwy #4 in the Northern Frontier of the N.W.T.
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Ingraham Highway, N.W.T., Canada
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Ingraham Trail Highway (Hwy #4)
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

Ingraham Highway, Northwest Territories, Canada Ingraham Highway, Northwest Territories, Canada Views form Ingraham Highway, Northwest Territories, Canada

Ingraham Highway Community : Yellowknife

Ingraham Trail Highway (Hwy #4)

The Ingraham Trail (gravel surfaced) is a transportation and recreation highway leading to a vast network of lakes, rivers, waterfalls, hiking trails, campgrounds, wilderness campsites and boat launches. The recreation route is a very popular corridor for adventure and activity.

The Ingraham Highway, which is really a dead end road during the summer months, measures 70 kilometres and ends at Tibbit Lake. There are territorial parks, day use areas and paddle routes dotting the highway. The parks may include picnic tables, boat launches, campgrounds, viewing benches, information boards and pit toilets.

During the summer months the lakes, rivers and wildlife on the Ingraham Trail attract many travelers and locals to the region. Some of the more popular activities enjoyed in the area include canoeing, fishing, picnicking, kayaking, hiking, boating, water skiing, jet skiing, wilderness camping, birdwatching and camping.

The Ingraham Highway is very well known for its paddle routes. There are short day trips and there are many multi day paddle adventures ranging from easy to difficult. Most multi day adventures include portages, wilderness camping, whitewater, wildlife sightings and mosquitoes. In Yellowknife there are tours and guides providing multi day adventures exploring the Ingraham Trail area.

Some of the paddle routes located on the Ingraham Trail area include Hidden Lake (40 kilometres), Pensive Lake (90 kilometres), Powder Point (65 kilometres), Tartan Rapids (6-10 kilometres), the Lower Cameron River (16 kilometres) and the Upper Cameron River (15 kilometres), Tibbit Lake Loop (15 kilometres) and the Jennejohn Wilderness Paddle Route (85 kilometres).

Fishing is another popular activity enjoyed on the lakes and rivers. There are many boat launches with access to different lakes on the route. Fish in the region include pickerel, northern pike, arctic grayling, whitefish and lake trout. A fishing licence is required to fish in the Northwest Territories, Canada.

During the winter months the Ingraham Trail continues for hundreds of more miles, beyond Tibbitt Lake, far into the wilderness tundra. It is during the winter months when the frozen lakes and rivers - all covered in snow and ice - become the foundation for a 500 kilometre ice road.

The Ingraham Trail ice road is used to transport supplies and crews to remote mines, out posts and stations. It is the only road in Canada that passes the treeline, crosses the Arctic Tundra and reaches the Barrenlands of Northern Canada.

Kilometre "0" of the Ingraham Trail is located just as you enter the community of Yellowknife at the junction of Hwy #3 (Frontier Highway) and Hwy #4 (Ingraham Highway) . From the highway junction the first point of interest is the Yellowknife Bridge at kilometre 7.7 (mile 4.7).

Just ahead, at kilometre 9.8 (mile 6) there is an access road leading to the Dene First Nation community of Dettah. From this point on the Ingraham Highway is one park after another.

At kilometre 19.8 (mile 12.4) is the Prosperous Lake Day Use Area, at kilometre 24 (mile 15) is the Madeline Lake Day Use Area, at kilometre 26.5 (mile 16.4) is the Pontoon Lake Day Use Area and just after that is the Prelude Lake Territorial Park at kilometre 28 (mile 17.4).

At kilometre 45 (mile 28) is the Powder Point Boat Launch which provides access to Hidden Lake. At kilometre 46 (mile 28.5) is a 1.2 kilometre hiking trail leading to Cameron River and the Cameron River Waterfall and suspension bridge.

Reid Lake Territorial Park is at kilometre 61 (mile 38) and Tibbit Lake is at kilometre 70.

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Ingraham Highway Community : Yellowknife

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