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Frontier Highway, Northwest Territories, Canada
Hwy #3 in the Northern Frontier / Deh Cho Region on the N.W.T.
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Frontier Highway, N.W.T., Canada
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Frontier Highway (Hwy #3)
Northwest Territories, Canada

Frontier Highway, Northwest Territory, Canada Bison Sighting on Frontier Highway, Northwest Territory, Canada Frontier Highway, Northwest Territory, Canada

Frontier Highway Communities : Fort Providence | Yellowknife

Frontier Highway (Hwy #3)

The Frontier Highway (Hwy #3) travels north from the community of Fort Providence, N.W.T. to Yellowknife, N.W.T. - the capital city of the Northwest Territory. The total distance of the Frontier Highway measures 336 kilometres (209 miles).

The Frontier Highway follows a paved highway and includes one ferry crossing on the Mackenzie River in Fort Providence (ice road in the winter months). The paved, well maintained highway provides great views of lakes, rivers, wildlife and the Canadian Shield (precambrian rock).

It is very wise to travel with a good spare tire, emergency supplies (it is cold at night) and a full tank of gas when traveling in the NWT, as there are long distances between gas stations. And always drive the speed limit with your headlights and seatbelts on. Always be aware of wildlife on the highway.

Mile "0" on the Frontier Highway (Hwy #3) begins at the junction of the Mackenzie-Waterfall Highway (Hwy #1) and the Frontier Highway (Hwy #3). The junction is south of the community of Fort Providence.

At kilometre 24 (mile 15) is the Mackenzie River Ferry crossing. It operates between May and September. During winter months the river freezes and an ice bridge is used for crossing the river. During freeze up and break up there is no ice road or ferry operating.

On the other side of the river at kilometre 26 (mile 16) is the beginning of the Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary. The bison reserve follows the highway for the next 80 kilometres. There is a very high chance of viewing the large herd of free roaming bison. Watch for buffalo on the highway at all times.

The exit road to the community of Fort Providence is located at the 37 kilometre point on the Frontier Highway. It is a good place to gas up and replenish supplies if traveling to Yellowknife. There are no services after Fort Providence until Yellowknife. The first stop after Fort Providence is not until kilometre 124 (mile 77) at the Chan Lake Day Use Area.

At kilometre 232 (mile 144) is a picnic and recreation park with great access to Great Slave Lake called the North Arm Day Use Area. At kilometre 239 is the exit road to Edzo and at kilometre 245 (mile 152) is the exit road to Rae. Both are Dene First Nation villages.

Entering the Yellowknife region traveling the Frontier highway, you are greeted by the Yellowknife Airport and Long Lake Beach at kilometre 335 (mile 209). Next door to Long Lake Beach is the Fred Henne Territorial Park. Welcome to Yellowknife!

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Frontier Highway Communities : Fort Providence | Yellowknife

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