Windy Arm
Views of Tagish Lake from lookout

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Windy Arm
Views of Tagish Lake from lookout

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Food Cache
Jack London food storage unit

2289 hits

Jack London Cabin
Cabin & Food Cache of Jack London

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Jack London Historic Site
Attraction in Dawson City

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Interpretive Centre
Jack London Information Cabin

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General Store
Downtown store on main street

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Dredge 4
Mining artifact on display

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Heritage Building
Commissioner's Residence

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Reading Up on Our History
Researching the Ridge Road Trail in Dawson City

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Montague Roadhouse
Getting it all on tape near Carmacks

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Monument of the historic claim

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Mine Shaft
Sealed up old mine shaft from the Klondike days.

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Interpretive Signs
Information signs on the history of mining

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Main Building
Antique shop and mining artifacts

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