day use
Day Use Area

1900 osumat

Picnic Area
Picnic area with tables in Gyro Park

2460 osumat

Picnic Shelter
Place to have a picnic on the beach

4690 osumat

Picnic Area
Day Use Area in campground near trail

5428 osumat

Day Use parking lot pier and boat launch

4713 osumat

Picnic Table Trail
Yukon River Loop Trail runs through park

3523 osumat

Waterfront Picnicking
What a view for getting hungry

3540 osumat

Day Use Area
Picnicking in park

4599 osumat

Hiking Trail
Interpretive signs and trail

4884 osumat

Shelter in the park

4350 osumat

Picnic Tables
Day Use Area on lake

4023 osumat

Views of Lake
Madeline Lake from the shoreline

5107 osumat

Picnic Site
Madeline Lake Day Use Area

5467 osumat

Picnic Area
Located along trail and at trailhead

6578 osumat

Day Use Area
Picnics and fire pits

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