Downtown Statue
Statue located Downtown Trail BC

1518 hits

Downtown Trail
The streets in Trail

1243 hits

Information Centre
Tourist centre in Dawson City

2661 hits

Historic Site
Buildings with plenty of history

2071 hits

Miners Shack
Goldsmith shop in downtown

2817 hits

Gift Stores
Shopping downtown

2258 hits

General Store
Downtown store on main street

2483 hits

Front Street
Main street Dawson Street

2394 hits

Front Street
Views looking down main street Dawson City

2348 hits

Downtown Buildings
As if being back in the Klondike Gold Rush

2107 hits

Downtown Streets
Walking the streets of Dawson City

1972 hits

Building in the community

1755 hits

Masonic Temple
Building in the community

1769 hits

Pastel Colors
Buildings in the downtown

2797 hits

Sidewalks in the village

1794 hits