Exploring the Waterfall Highway

4913 hits

Waterfall Route Sign
Highway sign

5152 hits

Tipsy Potty
Balancing act when doing your business

4399 hits

Cabin Rest Stop
Warming hut with wood stove

4507 hits

Rest Stop
Inside a highway rest stop

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Redknife River
River on the Waterfall Route

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Highway Signs
Redknife River

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Waterfall Route
Also Mackenzie Hwy #1

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Lady Evelyn Falls
Misty views of waterfall from lookout

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Lady Evelyn Falls
Views from lookout

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Side Trail
Trail leads to base of waterfall

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Hiking trail back up to parking lot

7772 hits

Waterfall Entrance
Welcome to the falls

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Entrance on Hwy 1
Welcome to Lady Evelyn Falls

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Day Use Area for children

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