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Alaska Highway
Highway near Squanga Lake

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Buildings in Town
Corner building in the Village of Golden. Downtown Golden

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Beaver Lake
Fishing boat mooored on shore near boat launch. Fishing on Beaver Lake

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views of the mountains and green orchards Orchard fields of the community

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Heritage Building
Original building of the early pioneers

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Gravel Hiking Trail
Some trails are wide and gravel

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Davis Bay
Davis Bay - Sechelt, BC parks Canada - Sunshine Coast

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Biking in Calgary
A couple enjoy some quality time biking in the Fish Creek Provincial Park in the community of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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Sunshine Lake Lookout
A viewing lookout point on the Happy Trail Pathway on Sunshine Lake in the community of High River, Alberta, Canada.

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Main Street
Main street in the downtown centre of the community of Drumheller, Alberta, Canada in the Canadian Badlands of Southern Alberta

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Glass Works
A glass office building in the community of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

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Canada Geese
A flock of Canada Geese take over the shores of the pond in the McKenzie Trail Recreation Area of Waskasoo Park in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

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Bow River Bridge
Crossing the Bow River Bridge so to access Central Park which rests on the banks of the Bow River in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

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Directional Signs
There are many directional and distance signs posted along the Bow River Trail in Canmore, Alberta.

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