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Yukon River walkway

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Forest Service Road
Narrow gravel road leading up a mountain. Off roading above Invermere.

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Beaver Lake
Fishing boat mooored on shore near boat launch. Fishing on Beaver Lake

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Trailhead Sign
Carving marks the entrance to the path from the parking lot

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Walking Trail
The route to the birdwatching pond.

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Hiking Trail
Path leads up over hardened volcanic rock

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Horse Pasture
Farmers fields busy with horses

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mt_washington 001.jpg

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First Nations
Downtown murals Murals in Chemainus

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Canal Road Bridge
Bridge connecting North and South Pender Islands

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Happy Trail Pathway
The Happy Trail Pathway on Sunshine Lake in the community of High River, Alberta, Canada.

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Spring is in the air in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

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Early Blue Skies - Banff, Alberta, Canada
Early moring blue skies while walking down Banff Avenue looking for a coffee shop.

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Family Hike
A family group begins their trek exploring along the Grassi Lakes Hiking Trail in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

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