North Okanagan Valley Community Westbank, Westside BC, Canada
Gellatly Park
Gellatly Park
Nut Farm and Hiking Trails Local Nut Farm park
Rotary Trails Park
Rotary Trails Park
Local park with hiking trails Local Westbank Park
Fintry Provincial Park
Fintry Provincial Park
Okanagan Lake Park Fintry Park on Okanagan Lake
Couple working outside with green thumbs Green Thumbs

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Walking the beach
Waterfront exploring in Westbank Walking and exploring Okanagan Lake

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Winery Event
People gathering for keynote speaker Gatherings at a winery event

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Hill into Westbank
Highway #97 south of community Entering the community

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Welcome Sign
Entering Westbank community Entrance to Westbank

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Highway and Lumber Mill
Highway #97 south of Westbank Highway south of community

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Hardy Slough
Wildlife Protected Area Wildlife protected area

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Golf at Shannon Lake Golf Course Golfing on a sunshine day

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Powers Point
Yacht Club in Westbank Boat Launch on Okanagan Lake

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Okanagan Lake
Pre 1958 ferry dock on Okanagan Lake in Westbank

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Mission Hill Winery in background Orchards and Vineyards

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Old Ferry Dock
A retired dock on Okanagan Lake Ferry dock from the past on Okanagan Lake

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Mission Hill Winery Vineyard on the hill in Westbank

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Views of community from the hills Views of community

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Chair Lift
Summer views of Crystal Mountain Ride up to the peak of Crystal Mtn.

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