Southeast Yukon Community
Watson Lake
Watson Lake
Recreation Lake & Trails
Wye Lake
Wye Lake
Recreation Lake
Two Lakes Trail
Two Lakes Trail
Recreation Trail & Lake
Alaska Highway
Alaska Highway
Driving Route
Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park
Welcome to Yukon
Welcome sign on Alaska Highway

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Welcome to Watson Lake
Alaska Highway welcome sign

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Recreation on Watson Lake

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Alaska Highway
Driving into the purple

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Purple Sunset
Wild colors on a short night

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Sign Post Forest
Us parked by the popular attraction

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Sign Post Forest
Forest of signs from around the world

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Second Wye Lake
Popular lake in community

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Second Wye Lake
Sunshine thoughts and a lens

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Second Wye Lake
Clouds and Reflections

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Children on Second Wye Lake

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Second Wye Lake
Kids swimming from pier

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Rock Gardens
Artwork is complete on Alaska Highway

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Rock Gardens
Us building our Rock Garden contribution

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Sign at Northern Lights Centre

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