Central Okanagan Valley Community Summerland, BC, Canada
Sun-Oka Beach Provincial Park
Sun-Oka Beach Provincial Park
Sandy beach and recreation park Provincial Park near Summerland
Kettle Valley Railway
Kettle Valley Railway
Historic railroad route KVR
Giants Head
Giants Head
Local Sightseeing Attraction Hiking and sightseeing
Marmot and Birds
Wildlife in Summerland Birdwatching

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Wineries near Giants Head Vineyard in Summerland

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Okanagan Mountain Park
Views of park on otherside of the lake from Summerland Views from Summerland

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Okanagan Lake
Views of lake in Summerland Water views

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Views of the local agriculture Views of orchards and vineyards in Summerland

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Bridge Supports
Network of steel holding up Trout Creek Bridge KVR Trail, Summerland, BC, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada

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Views from Trout Creek Bridge
Shadows Part of the KVR

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Tracks to Trail
KVR beginning of hiking trail KVR

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Kettle Valley Railway Trout Creek

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Mark Ricciardi Walkway
Trout Creek Area Walkway in Summerland

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Downtown Summerland
Stores and shops on the downtown streets Streets of Summerland

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Downtown streets and angle parking Streets of the community of Summerland

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Directional Signs
Signs pointing the way to the KVR Trail signs on Summerland streets

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White Blossoms
Orchard in bloom White blossoms in Summerland

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Rolling Hills Orchards
Fruit produce in the community Tree orchards near Okanagan Lake.

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