TCH Bridge and Columbia
Mountain reflections on the Columbia River.

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Shoreline Views
Shoreline of the Columbia River.

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Trans Canada Hwy Bridge
Columbia River and the T.C.H. Bridge

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Road Travel
Mountain view drives in and around the community.

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Some Train Action
Passenger train running rail in Revelstoke.

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Nickelodeon Museum in Revelstoke.

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In and out of the community of Revelstoke, BC. Entering the community of Revelstoke, BC.

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Sidewalk Safety and Sightseeing
Sightseeing in the downtown core.

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Sidewalk Restaurants
Downtown street and outdoor cafe.

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City sidewalks in downtown Revelstoke.

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Biking Community
Biking in the downtown core of Revelstoke.

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Time Anyone?
Downtown streets and shops with flower gardens.

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Grizzly Statue
One of the many Grizzly statues in town.

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Mountain Baseball
Baseball with mountain views of snow cap peaks.

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Views from Dam
Views of the valley from the Revelstoke Dam.

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