Port McNeill, British Columbia, Canada. A North Vancouver Island Community. Vancouver Island Adventure Travel Click Here - Plan a trip to Port McNeill Vancouver Island with the BC EH Tourism Guide
Relic on the side of road Rustic train engine

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Steam Donkey
Artifact on waterfront Artifact on the waterfront

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Highway 19
Highway leading to town Vancouver Island Highway

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Worlds Largest Burl
Local attraction Local natural attraction

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Black Bear
Wildlife near the community Wildlife in the Port McNeill region

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Black Bear
Wildlife in the area Wildlife live in the Port McNeill region

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Downtown Sign
Welcome to community Welcome sign into the community

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Peek a Boo Views
Views from the hill top Ocean views from up in the hills

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Nearby River
North Vancouver Island rivers Rivers run in the region

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Totem Pole
Forst Nation art First Nation art in community

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Welcome Sign
Highway entrance Entrance from Highway 19

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Log Sorting Mill
Forestry industry Forestry operation on waterfront

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Highway 19
Researching the region Researching in and around McNeill

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Marina docks and station Docks in harbour on waterfront

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Docked in marina Marina in the harbour

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