Pictures of Tofino, BC, Canada on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Click Here - Plan a trip to Tofino, BC on the on eh Canada Travel & Adventure Guide
Cox Bay
Tonquin Park
Tonquin Park
Beach park and hiking trail
MacKenzie Beach
MacKenzie Beach
Sandy beach destination
Chesterman Beach
Chesterman Beach
Sandy beach destination
Village Park
Playground in core of village Playground in village park

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Welcome Sign
Welcome to Tofino

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Village Street
More stores and tour shops More stores, tours and guides

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Village of Tofino
Main street in town Street of shops and stores

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Logging Truck
Big trucks on narrow roads Watch for big trucks

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Stick Men
Tofino Botanical Gardens

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Misty Morning
Ocean mist at Chesterman Beach

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Wow Beautiful shot of the clouds and sky

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How beautiful is this photo How beautiful is this!

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Skateboard Park
Skate park in village of Tofino

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Waterfront Bench
Views of the harbour

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Pacific Rim National Park sign
Entering the park Welcome to the park

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Main Street outdoor coffee houses Main street outdoor coffee houses

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Main Street Patio
Outdoor picnci tables Outdoor picnic tables

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Village Street
Main street in Tofino Main street and shops in Tofino

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