Mallard Duck
Beacon Hill Park duck enjoying the warm weather

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Downtown Victoria
Buildings of color in Victoria's downtown core

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Downtown Victoria Shops
Shopping stores in heritage buildings

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Dallas Road Walkway
Views of Victoria coastline and Ogden Point

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Dallas Road Pathway
Couple enjoying a walk along the coastline

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Cycling in Victoria
Rainy day cycling Victoria streets

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Blue Heron
Beacon Hill Park Blue heron and Seagull

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Cycling Dallas Road
Beautiful March day cycling near Beacon Hill Park

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Beacon Hill Walkway Paths
Family enjoying walk along path with duck pond

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Beacon Hill Park Duck Pond

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Dallas Road Off Leash Area
South end Beacon Hill Park Dog Off Leash Area

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Beacon Hill Park
Blue Heron visits with park enthusiasts

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Beacon Hill Park
Reading in Beacon Hill Park by Duck Pond

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Fishing off Ogden Point
Beautiful women fishing off Ogden Point in March Fishing off Ogden Point

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Inner Harbour Wooden Sculpture

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