Scuba Diving
Scuba Divers just surfacing

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Stone Sculpture
Family Values Sculpture near BC Royal Museum

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Ogden Point Beacon
Beacon at end of seawall

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Victoria Parliament Buildings
Beautiful day walking the front lawns by the Inner Harbour

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Ogden Point Seawall
Walkway leading out to the ocean and a beacon

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Ogden Point Walkway
Views of Victoria skyline from seawall

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Mile "0"
Dallas Road and Beacon Hill Monument

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Royal BC Museum
Excellent museum in downtown Victoria

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Sea Anemone
Undersea Gardens marine life in Inner Harbour

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Empress Hotel and Inner Harbour
Views of Inner Harbour with Empress Hotel in Background

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Inner Harbour and Empress Hotel
Looking through bubble glass at Inner Harbour

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Inner Harbour
Lower walkway and marina of the Inner Harbour

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Horse Drawn Carraige Tours
Carraige Tours located in the Inner Harbour

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Parliament Building Fountain
Fountain on the front lawns of the Parliament Buildings

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Floatplane landing in the Inner Harbour

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