Central Okanagan Valley Community Peachland in Central Okanagan Valley
Hardy Falls Regional Park
Hardy Falls Regional Park
Local waterfall and hiking park Local waterfall park and hiking
Antler's Beach Regional Park
Antler's Beach Regional Park
Local picnic park and beach Community Picnic Grounds and Beach
Waves and Wind
Big winds kicking up big waves on Lake Okanagan Rough waters on windy day

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Sunshine Days
People in the downtown core of Peachland Downtown activity on Okanagan Lake

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Outdoor Patio
Locals walking the streets downtown Walking the streets downtown

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Sidewalks in Town
Local stores on lakefront Downtown Peachland sidewalks

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Main Street Peachland
Road following shoreline of Okanagan Lake Downtown Peachland

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South Entrance to Peachland
Peachland waterfront Downtown waterfront Peachland

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Peachland Lakefront
Canoes and beach on sunshine day Pebbled beach in Peachland

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Beached canoes on Okanagan Lake Water sports in Peachland

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Peachland lakefront piers Okanagan Lake views

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Painting on buildings in Peachland Mural art in community

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Rattlesnake Island
Views from Peachland Okanagan Lake views from community

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Sunset Lake
Forest Service Road to Pennask Lake Gravel Roads to backcountry lakes

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Lakefront Picnics
Picnic table on shoreline in Peachland Picnic with Boat in the background

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Pennask Protected Area
Gravel roads in backcountry Peachland Forestry Roads to Pennask Protected Area

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Homes in Peachland
Okanagan Lake and hillside homes Community on Okanagan Lake

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