South Okanagan Community
Eagle Bluff
Eagle Bluff
Sightseeing and Gallager Lake Sightseeing destination
International Bicycling Hiking Society Path
International Bicycling Hiking Society Path
Local community path Biking and hiking path in Oliver on the river.
Indian Head
Indian Head
McIntyer Bluffs Sightseeing and hiking near Oliver
Mt. Baldy
Mt. Baldy
South Okanagan Recreation Popular year round recreation destination near Oliver.
Kettle Valley Railway
Kettle Valley Railway
Popular Okanagan Valley Recreation Route Year round adventures
Burnell-Sawmill Lake
Burnell-Sawmill Lake
Recreation lake near community Popular lake near the community of Oliver
Triangle Park
Triangle Park
Rose Garden and Community Park Local community park and flower gardens.
Rows and rows of agriculture Views of an orchard from hilltop.

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Hwy #97
Main highway going through community Main highway accessing Oliver, BC

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Old Church
Historic site of religion Historic church in town.

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EH Tourism on Location
Jeep parked in the downtown core Stopping in town for some research

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Downtown Oliver
Streets of the community Stores of the community

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Views of fruit fields and lake Views of Oliver orchards

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Fields of Oliver
Views of some of the countryside Farm fields in the community.

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Fairview Historic Site
Crosses on hills

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East Side Water Canal

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Water Canal
East side waterway east side water canal

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Old Barn
Structure near Deadman Lake Old Barn near Deadman Lake

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Lions Park
Community park

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Oliver Airport Airport near the community of Oliver

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Desert Hills
Views of countryside with bridge Desert Hills near Oliver

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Vineyards in the Distance
Desert hills and grapes Wineries in Oliver

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