Mountain Biker
KVR Trail in OK Falls KVR and Skaha Lake

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KVR Ruins
KVR Trail ruins near Skaha lake Views of Skaha Lake from KVR

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Fur Brigade Trail
Old ruins on trail in OK Falls Hiking in Okanagan Falls

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Heritage Home
History in OK Falls Homes in OK Falls

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White Tail Deer
Fields near OK Falls Wildlife in OK Falls

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Fire Department
Fire hall in OK Falls OK Fire Hall

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Entrance Sign
Christie Provincial Park Welcome sign

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Vaseux Lake
Highway near OK Falls Views of lake from highway

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OK Falls
Community and bridge of Okanagan Falls Views of community

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Skaha Lake activities Okanagan Falls kayaking

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Star Gazing Dominion Astrophysical Observatory

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Hwy 97
Traveling south of Okanagan Falls Okanagan Falls Highway

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Pioneer Park
Views of Skaha Lake Community Park

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Dominion Astrophysical Observatory
Star Gazing Okanagan Falls Observatory

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