Lake Cowichan, BC, Canada : Located in the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Vancouver Island travel guide Click Here - Plan a trip to Lake Cowichan, Vancouver Island with the Canada EH Tourism Guide
Gordon Bay Provincial Park
Gordon Bay Provincial Park
Campground and Sandy Beach Park
Ohtaki Park
Ohtaki Park
Village Park
Mesachie Lake
Welcome sign to Mesachie Lake

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Trans Canada Trail
Western terminus of TCT

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Shoreline of Cowichan Lake

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Water Skiing
Water skiing on Cowichan Lake

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Campground Resort
Camping on Cowichan Lake

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Beach Umbrellas
Resort on Cowichan Lake

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Boat gearing up for the trip

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Marina in Lake Cowichan

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Dam on Cowichan Lake

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Flowers and Gardens
Flowers by the river in village

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Village Monument
Monument in village

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Boating on Cowichan Lake

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Sitting bench on lake

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Boating on Cowichan Lake

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Lakefront Home
Waterfront on Cowichan Lake

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