Ladysmith, BC, Canada : A North Cowichan Valley community located in Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Vancouver Island Adventure Travel Click Here - Plan a trip to Ladysmith, Vancouver Island with eh Canada Adventure Travel
Transfer Beach Park
Transfer Beach Park
Waterfront Park Waterfront park and sandy beach
Holland Creek Trail
Holland Creek Trail
Hiking Trail Hiking and sightseeing trail
Elliot Beach Park
Elliot Beach Park
A sandy beach park
North Ladysmith
Views from nearby mountain

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Ladysmith Valley
Views of Ladysmith and mountains

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Mountain Views
Views of Ladysmith coastline

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Views of Ladysmith
Mountain views of harbour

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Horses grazing on Ladysmith farm

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Fields of Flowers
Farmers field taken over by flowers

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Yellow Point
Views from Ladysmith mountains

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Ladysmith Harbour

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Fall is Coming
leaves Leaves start to change color

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Weeping Willow
Trees in the community

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Kayaking just off the waterfront of Ladysmith

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Out For a Walk
Walking by the train down on the waterfront

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Coming back from a trip

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Traffic circle in the village

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Boats, sailboats and ships all converge in marina

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