East Kootenay Community Kimberley, BC, Canada
Alki Creek Trail
Alki Creek Trail
Mountain Hiking Trail Hiking in Kimberley, BC
Northstar Mountain
Northstar Mountain
Kimberley Alpine Resort Recreation Mountain
Village near Kimberley Village of Marysville
Marysville Falls
Marysville Falls
Waterfall Hiking Trails Marysville Falls Hiking Trail
Kimberley Nature Park
Kimberley Nature Park
Recreation Park Hiking and Mountain Biking Park
St. Mary Lake
St. Mary Lake
Recreation Lake near Marysville.
Wasa Provincial Park
Wasa Provincial Park
Campground and Beach Park Park and trail wilderness destination
Welcome to Kimberley
Welcome sign entering community on Hwy #95A Highway 95A welcome sign.

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Mountain Range
Mountains from Highway 95A Mountain views.

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Views from highway Mountain views.

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Views of Kimberley
Views of Kimberley Alpine Resort Views from Northstar Mountain,

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Orpheum Theatre
Railway Museum historic building Building in museum.

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Bavarian Statue
Entrance to Railway Museum Museum in Kimberley

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Riding the Train
Railway Museum Train rides in Kimberley

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Miniature Train
Train in Railway Museum.

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Deer Crossing
Kimberley wildlife sharing the streets. Deer in town.

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Deer in Village
Wildlife exploring the streets in Kimberley Deer in Kimberley.

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Coffee House
Outdoor patio comforts in Platzl Stopping in for a java.

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Pedestrian Stores
Bavarian archetecture in Platzl. Stores in the downtown village.

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Pedestrain Platzl
People walking downtown. People shopping in town

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Bavarian Restaurant
Restaurant in the Platzl. Restaurant services in the downtown Platzl.

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Clock in Platzl Cuckoo clock in Platzl.

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