Cawston Farmer
Tractors at work in Cawston Cawston farm fields in the spring.

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Cawston fields Sprinklers active in the day

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Aluvial Fans
Fields fronting mountains in Cawston. Irrigation of fields in Cawston

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Similkameen River
River near the community of Cawston Views of Similkameen River in Cawston

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Richter Pass
Logging trucks travel the highways Highway through Richter Pass

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Cawston General Store
Local store in the community Pit stop on the adventure in Cawston

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Horseback riders in the community of Cawston Cawston Cowboys

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Olalla Orchards
Small grouping of trees near the community Views from the highway

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Marron Valley
Highway turn off to Apex Mountain Traveling the highways.

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Spring Time Baby
Horses along Hwy #3A near Olalla Horse Family

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Community fields near the community of Olalla Sights and sounds from the Highway #3A

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Hwy #3A
Farm fields near the community of Olalla Highway in Olalla, BC

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Hwy #3A
Highway in the community of Olalla, BC Transportation route through Olalla.

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General Store
Murals in the community of Keremeos Art in a store.

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Apple Art
Crated apples as a mural in Keremeos Apples in Keremeos

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